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A Trip to Paradise: Punta Cana

A Trip to Paradise: Punta Cana

I was planning to post while I was on vacation but realized that that would defeat the purpose of logging off and spending time connecting with Anton. 

So here we are! We made it back from Punta Cana in one piece after a crazy-long flight home. We were delayed about an hour and a half due to bathroom issues (and no one wants that do they?) We were surrounded by children, one who was not feeling well and screamed and cried through the beginning of the flight and had a few accidents. I wanted to reach over and tell the mom she was a rock star and she was doing a great job. ( I should have!) Flying with littles is no easy task. I haven’t flown with Vera yet and it terrifies me.

Besides the flight we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to relax and just focus on each other for a couple days. We needed that reboot. 

I just wanted to briefly give a review of our stay with you. As you might have seen from my Instagram stories we attempted to give you a good idea of Punta Cana and the resort but I’m more of a words gal.

We booked through Expedia and found a good deal but if you’re a Groupon fan, they have tons of deals for all-inclusive resorts. We stayed at The Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine Resort about a 25 minute drive from the airport so it wasn’t far. If you are resort frequent flyers none of this stuff will really surprise you or if you have been to Punta Cana before you’ll know what I’m talking about.

First off, the resort is pretty secluded. There really isn’t much to see outside of it unless you go to another resort or hotel. This kind of bummed us out because we love to check out new restaurants. We are big foodies!

When we got our room and got somewhat situated we wanted to make reservations for the restaurants inside the resort. Unfortunately for us, everything was BOOKED. They do offer a buffet if you don’t have reservations. The buffet was pretty good and they had a lot of options to feed a large group of people but we were disappointed they didn’t have more authentic Dominican food. Anton’s favorite from the buffet? Banana milkshakes. Mine? All the sweet treats. They would also have a cocktail of the day which was fun. In the mornings they would have mimosas and bloody mary’s and in the evening they would have margaritas or wine. 

Since we didn’t get reservations at any of the restaurants, we decided to sign up for their romantic dinner package by the pool on Friday night. This was super nice! They decorated the table and had roses and bottles of wine along with a personalized menu for us. Since we didn’t have a honeymoon, I thought this was really special and we enjoyed being pampered.

Now our main focus of this vacation was to relax and just enjoy time together. We didn’t want to do any crazy activities like zip lining or parasailing (but they do offer these!). We spent the majority of our time in the spa, by the pool or down by the beach. 

The spa was really wonderful. Staff was friendly and accommodating and everything was very clean. On Friday we had a traditional 50 minute relaxation massage. I think this was our favorite. Super simple and the masseuse got the nasty knots out of my shoulders from carrying around Vera all the time. On Saturday we did a hot stone massage and that was lovely too but there were times when the stones were just too hot for me.

Down by the pool they have a ton of activities and games that you can participate in. It was fun watching people doing these silly challenges about three margaritas deep. 

My pet peeve about the pool was that people would grab their chairs in the morning and put their towels down and then leave for several hours to do something else and then decide to come back at like 4 o’clock. So it was hard to find a seat available. Be sure to grab your chair early if you want to lay by the pool all day! Now my friends told me this was totally a resort thing so I wasn’t aware of it but next time we will be prepared. Also, the same thing goes for laying oceanside- claim your spot ASAP, especially if you want a little tiki hut and table.

In the evening the resort had shows like a live band or singer that would perform. They also had karaoke nights. Lucky for us this was during our romantic dinner by the pool and we had some laughs. After all that wine they served us I was ready to join them!

All in all I’d give it 4 stars. We enjoyed our stay and picked up a few tips for our next trip! Not to mention having 4 days to just relax and watch a movie uninterrupted is absolutely priceless.

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